Endocrine Consequences of Childhood Poisoning

Endocrine Consequences of Childhood Poisoning

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  • Murat Doğan
  • Mustafa Armut
  • Selim Kurtoğlu


Poisoning, children, endocrine findings


Poisoning is reported as a major problem in the childhood period especially under five years. Acute or chronic exposure to toxic material occurs as a different clinical picture. Some cases have different endocrinological findings. Early diagnosis and management are required for careful clinical evaluation. In this article, endocrinological problems of childhood poisoning are reviewed.

Author Biographies

Murat Doğan

Kayseri City Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department, Kayseri, Turkey

Mustafa Armut

Memorial Hospital Pediatri Department, Kayseri, Turkey

Selim Kurtoğlu

Memorial Kayseri Hospital, Kayseri, Turkey



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Doğan, M., Armut, M., & Kurtoğlu, S. (2020). Endocrine Consequences of Childhood Poisoning: Endocrine Consequences of Childhood Poisoning. The Journal of Pediatric Academy, 1(2), 39–41. Retrieved from https://jpediatricacademy.com/index.php/jpa/article/view/63