Evaluation of The Renal Function in The Intrauterine Growth Restricted Rats and The Effect of Maternal Glucocorticoids

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IUGR, Maternal glucocorticoids, renal excretion functions


The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of maternal glucocorticoids on experimental growth retarded
rats and the effect of maternal undernutrition in different gestation periods for function of the kidney. This study
had two sections. In the first section, 5 groups were formed. 10g/d diet was given in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester
and throughout the pregnancy period. The control group was fed a normal diet. In the second section, 3 groups
formed and all the rats take 10 g/d diet throughout pregnancy period. To determine the effect of endogenous
glucocorticoids first group was treated with metyrapone, second group metyrapone+dexamethasone and the
placebo injected saline until 14 days of pregnancy. The offsprings body and kidney weights were detected in
the 0, 3rd and 20th weeks of age. Renal extraction functions and blood pressures from tail detected in the 20th
week of age. Urinary excretion and glomerular filtration rate were low in rats that had dietary restriction in the
last trimester. The glomerular filtration rates were found to be low in the group that had diet restriction during
the whole pregnancy. Blood pressure values were found to be lower in the group that had diet restriction during
their pregnancy compared to the control group. Kidney weights were similar in all groups in the first phase. It
was observed that renal excretion functions were preserved in the group receiving metyrapone treatment, but
there was no statistically significant difference between the results. Low blood pressures were normalized with
metyrapone treatment. The kidney sizes at the 20th week of the rats which receiving metyrapone treatment were
found to be smaller than those receiving physiological saline solution. Food restriction destroys renal functions
but no effects with high blood pressure in adulthood. Glucocortiod exposure in pregnancy may reduce renal

20th week blood pressures of the restricted diet group rats



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Yılmaz, A., Soylu Üstünkoyuncu, P. ., Dursun, I., & Gunduz, Z. (2022). Evaluation of The Renal Function in The Intrauterine Growth Restricted Rats and The Effect of Maternal Glucocorticoids. The Journal of Pediatric Academy, 3(2), 54–59. https://doi.org/10.51271/jpea-2022-155

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